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SHELF MARK: 108.11

DATE EXAMINED: December 2017, Gabriel Swift

POINTS: With Algonquian Holy Bible title-page and New Testament title page. Lacks the English Holy Bible title-page, Dedication to Charles II, Boyle Letter, and the English New Testament title-page. Includes Psalms of David and Rules for Christian Living.  Luke Chapter 10. printed as Chap. 21 and Chap. 24.

DESCRIPTION & DISTINCTIVE FEATURES: Diamond-shaped device on Algonquian title-page removed.

BINDING: Modern binding, all edges gilt.

PAPER SIZE: 134 x 183 cm

PROVENANCE: Mather Byles; Edward Craven Hawtrey; Edward Everett; William Everett; John H. Scheide; William H. Scheide; Princeton University

INSCRIPTIONS: Trimmed signature, “Byles” on title page.

Presentation inscription from Dr. Hawtrey to Edward Everett:  To Edward Everett Esq  as a slight Memorial of respect for the Nation, which he so ?ily? represents, and his own distinguished character from E C Hawtrey

“This valuable copy of one of the most extraordinary books ever printed was presented to me, on occasion of a visit to Eton College, by Dr. Hawtrey, the Head Master, 4th June 1842.  E. E.”

Dedication to Robert Boyle in facsimile with mss note by George Livermore on verso: “For the Hon. Edward Everett.  This address is a facsimile reprint from the unique copy of Eliot’s Indian Bible, second edition, 1685, formerly belonging to Rev. Thomas Prince of the Old South Church, Boston. It was made for me, by Moore and Crosby. Six impressions were taken to supply imperfect copies.   G. L. Dana Hill, Cambridge June 1854.”

Second note follows in William Everett’s hand: “Since Mr. Geo: Livermoor wrote the above, this dedication was found in the Marquis of Hasting’s Copy, sold at Nottingham in 1869.  In the same year i discovered in in the copy preserved in Trinity College, Cambridge. W. E.”


REFERENCES: Eames 26, “Rev. William Everett, Ph. D., Quincy, Mass. In modern binding. The Indian new testament title probably once contained the diamond shaped figure, “for there is a round spot in the blank space, about the size of the ornament, which has been skilfully repaired, but is evident.” This copy was once owned by the Rev. Edward Craven Hawtrey (born 1789, died 1862), head master of Eton School and afterwards provost of the College, and contains his autograph. It was presented by him to the father of the present owner, the Hon. Edward Everett (born 1794, died 1865), then United States minister to England, whose attestation of the gift is dated June 4, 1842. This copy is mentioned in Mr. Bartlett’s list, printed in the Historical Magazine (September, 1858), vol. 2, p. 277. Information furnished by Dr. Everett, in letter of December 7, 1889.”


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